love is all-consuming, omnipotent, terrifying. and so is sappho.

you bump into sappho, a reclusive yandere, about to confess to her crush, aphrodite. to scared of her to turn down her ask (read: threat) for help, you find a way to surely make aphrodite fall in love with her! (or not.)

this game has multiple endings! collect them all!

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagslove, Romance, school, yandere


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twisted lesbianism. my jam

I love this game, I do wish there were more endings tho :)

💕Haha I win, I got the one were I put a decapitated head inside her locker!💕


Personally, I'm a big fan of the yandere character type. This specifically is really good, and I would personally love to see a bigger and much more expanded option beyond the three endings of murder, wingman, and sacrifice, possibly even making a separate route entirely for romancing sappho and aphrodite. maybe you could even become mentally deranged like sappho and live a weird twisted love life together. all in all, great fucking game my dude.



I agree!! That would be really awesome!

i cant download the game..

you can play it in the browser

Having gotten one ending, I find that it's difficult to get back to the beginning; maybe a link from each ending page to the first screen?

Also, the page for the game demonstrates you have an eye for color, which makes it vaguely jarring to see the default colors for twine.

(The blurb and comments section are a little low-contrast, imo, but the entire cover image is gorgeous and easy to read.)

aaaaaa thanks for telling me! i forgot to write a stylesheet fot the game before posting it, so it stuck to the default colours, and boy are they ugly. i wrote one, and tried to fix the contrast issue (please tell me if it's better!). i also added a replay button to each ending! i hope that's better now!

thank you for playing and helping me make this game better!

Sappho's like for you has increased!
The (if:) changer should be stored in a variable or attached to a hook.►
Really? You wouldn't mind helping?
There's nothing before this to do (else:) with.►
Really? You wouldn't get in my way? Try to steal her from me? of course not
I don't think this is what was supposed to appear here?



This is so cute! Love me some good wlw! How many endings are there?


there are 4 endings! two good, one neutral, and one bad! and hell yeah!! let's go lesbians!!!! thank you for playing!